Insight: SKY WOK, Park Inn by Radisson, Patparganj, New Delhi

Journey from East Delhi to Ghaziabad is via the National Highway 24. What lies between these state borders is this white, tall building (about 8 floors plus terrace) which is easily visible from the highway. The approach to the entrance may be tricky but Google Maps comes to the rescue yet again. Entering through the classy revolving doors, I was greeted by the reception desk and guided to the terrace restaurant by a staff member. On the Terrace, the lift opens to a small corridor with a glass door, leading to the pool side. A decently large area has been dedicated to the S shaped pool, patio furniture and changing rooms. Across the pool is the restaurant. It is a vertically designed, fully indoor seating restaurant, overlooking the pool outside with a lively décor in colors of red and orange, giving us major rooftop ambiance goals. Right opposite the entrance is the bar which is quite big for the place itself with matching bar stools to keep up with the shade cards of the eatery. I was directed to the left most corner for my reserved table. I immediately fell in love with the furnishings and the wall art right behind my table. This place is a dinner only kind of restaurant which opens at about 6:30 PM. While I was there on a Saturday, the place was not over crowded but decently filled which can allow diners to indulge in good conversations over food without much noise. With a seating capacity of about 30 people, I am not sure how the place caters to those over crowded nights. In all, my first impression of the place was impressive!


With no set menu to be served, it seemed like a paradise for a super foodie like me! The food menu is extravagant with various options in vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The type of cuisine served is Chinese which is definitely a personal favorite of most of us. Silver cutlery and pure white crockery are always a classic affair with a special mention for Paper Straws as a step towards cutting down their carbon print. Chopsticks are provided when asked for and are the normal wooden ones as available commonly.

Getting on to the moot point and jumping right into the appetizers. I started the meal with the Drums of Heaven which were nothing less than heavenly! Stacked in a single line over a vertical plating, portion and size of the dish is amazing. The chicken was so well cooked, the flavors were nothing less than perfect. The stuffing in the drums was proportionate in quantity and in taste. The coating of sweet and spicy sauce just lifted the flavors up a notch.

Next in line were the Bang Bang Shrimps. The shrimps had been beautifully marinated and fried in crumbs to create that crunchy outer skin, while maintaining the freshness inside. Every piece was deeply coated with the chef’s special “bang bang” sauce that you could eat every bit of it, right of the serving plate. A high recommendation for both above starters.

My personal favorite from the mains was the Chicken in Thai Green Curry. Having tried the Thai curry at umpteen number of places, I can safely say that this is one of the best ones in this area. A perfect proportion of the curry paste in the mix is an essential part and they seem to have mastered it. The vegetables and chicken in the curry were in abundance. The small suggestion offered to chef was to slice the pieces of chicken a bit smaller for the sake of ease in eating. The curry can be paired well with steamed rice.

Just when I thought my taste buds were satisfied, I was bombarded with the succulent spread of desserts that were offered to me. I cannot pick out a single flaw with a single dessert on the menu because all of them just blew me away. Given a choice, I would just go here for the dessert only! I tried the Date Pancakes, Fried Ice Cream and Darsaan. Each dessert was a “chota packet bada BOMB” in itself. Be it the crispy parcels filled with dates or the bread coated deep fried butterscotch ice cream with chocolate sauce or the authentic Chinese dessert, each one carried its own unique flavor and stood out. A big thumbs UP!

People who are looking for hard alcohol, this place may disappoint you since they do not serve alcohol yet with an exception of beer, but you can choose from their diverse and unique mocktail menu for extraordinary drinks to sip with while you enjoy the food. I tried the Dark Knight which had fresh mint leaves, lemon chunks, chat masala topped with coca cola.

Many of us living in the East Delhi / Ghaziabad area will agree that this area lacks good dining outlets. With the Sky Wok launching, it is a relief. Though the Zomato description says it’s for casual dining but I would definitely call it nothing less than a fine dining experience.

Cheers 🍻



Insight: The Civil House, Khan Market

Tucked in the middle lane of the 24th most expensive street market around the world, Civil House takes its inspiration from the restaurants and cafes, prominently located in the European region. The effortless white paint on the walls and the simplistic furniture with chic decor is an indication towards that. The restaurant is spread across two levels. The entry through the door leads you to the lovely silver bells, hung from the ceiling, right opposite the entrance, gives the whole space a soothing effect. The music isn’t that loud to disturb your conversations but isn’t that low either to deprive you from occasional humming. The large convex shaped windows look out to the front lane of the market and the main road, but this does not make it a noisy affair for those who want to enjoy a quiet meal.


A fixed menu was served to us for gathering constructive feedback and suggestions. Before I give my recommendation and reviews on particular dishes, emphasis has to be given to the crockery used by the restaurant. It matches perfectly with the décor, in the tones of white with silver cutlery.

Out of all the appetizers served (vegetarian only), the one that stood out was the Crispy Fried Quinoa Cake. It is one of the chef’s special dishes on the menu and was served with a spicy topping of cherry tomato sauce. The plating seemed bigger than the servings which made the mere 5 cakes, rather balls, look small. The crispiness was bang on point with the sauce complimenting the taste perfectly, without creating an urge to ask for a chutney/sauce on the side.

One of the vegetarian mains that caught my eye was the Handmade Fettuccine in Pesto Cream with Broccoli. Just like the name suggests, it was creamy, smooth and mouth-watering! I loved the fact that they have maintained the traditional tastes and cooking methods from the place of origin of the dish/cuisine to respect the authenticity of the flavors.

My favorite on the menu was the Meaty Messy Burger. This burger is a true delight for hardcore meat lovers like me. It was a no non-nonsense kind of a dish – classic burger with meat balls instead of a patty, potato wedges and a green salad as sides, served with their freshly made mustard sauce. The sauce perfectly balances the powerful flavors of the meat balls and the bland potato wedges. It is definitely going to get messy while eating but the staff is cautious and considerate enough to provide wet tissues with their burgers (extra points for that!) I highly recommend this burger and it is a must try.

While I gulped all of the above amazing food, I sipped on to a watermelon based mocktail called the Pomo Berry with freshly cut watermelon slice on the top and garnished with leaves. It was not only a delight to my eyes but also super refreshing in this hot-humid weather.

The meal ended on a sweet note with Blueberry Cheese Cake and Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream. The manager and other staff were very courteous throughout the evening and provided a quick and efficient service. It was kind of them to ask for the feedback later.

Cheers 🍻


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

It is said that the journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step. My journey began precisely on June 5, 2018 when I decided to pursue my long lost dream of being an avid food blogger, rather ‘influencer’ (more commonly used term).

Even though I have leveled up as a Zomato user over the last 3 years on my own will and compassion, the plans of making my reviewing habit as legit only took shape recently.

My first step was to think of a unique name for my Instagram page or blogging handle which not only caught people’s eye but was also original. The idea sprung from my days of working as a lawyer, last year, when my colleagues saw my passion towards food and made me realize how Food is my single Focus throughout the day. Normal people plan their daily routine and fit in their meals in that routine but my schedules revolves around food. This much FOCUS only led it to be a PRIORITY. Hence.

One thing led to another, I set up my Instagram feed for public reviewing and critiquing. It has been almost 3 months since then and I have about 2k followers, with various features and reviewing requests by some prominent restaurants!


This blog is me taking a leap of faith in this industry and contributing to its already abundant content, hopefully with a different perspective!