Insight: The Civil House, Khan Market

Tucked in the middle lane of the 24th most expensive street market around the world, Civil House takes its inspiration from the restaurants and cafes, prominently located in the European region. The effortless white paint on the walls and the simplistic furniture with chic decor is an indication towards that. The restaurant is spread across two levels. The entry through the door leads you to the lovely silver bells, hung from the ceiling, right opposite the entrance, gives the whole space a soothing effect. The music isn’t that loud to disturb your conversations but isn’t that low either to deprive you from occasional humming. The large convex shaped windows look out to the front lane of the market and the main road, but this does not make it a noisy affair for those who want to enjoy a quiet meal.


A fixed menu was served to us for gathering constructive feedback and suggestions. Before I give my recommendation and reviews on particular dishes, emphasis has to be given to the crockery used by the restaurant. It matches perfectly with the décor, in the tones of white with silver cutlery.

Out of all the appetizers served (vegetarian only), the one that stood out was the Crispy Fried Quinoa Cake. It is one of the chef’s special dishes on the menu and was served with a spicy topping of cherry tomato sauce. The plating seemed bigger than the servings which made the mere 5 cakes, rather balls, look small. The crispiness was bang on point with the sauce complimenting the taste perfectly, without creating an urge to ask for a chutney/sauce on the side.

One of the vegetarian mains that caught my eye was the Handmade Fettuccine in Pesto Cream with Broccoli. Just like the name suggests, it was creamy, smooth and mouth-watering! I loved the fact that they have maintained the traditional tastes and cooking methods from the place of origin of the dish/cuisine to respect the authenticity of the flavors.

My favorite on the menu was the Meaty Messy Burger. This burger is a true delight for hardcore meat lovers like me. It was a no non-nonsense kind of a dish – classic burger with meat balls instead of a patty, potato wedges and a green salad as sides, served with their freshly made mustard sauce. The sauce perfectly balances the powerful flavors of the meat balls and the bland potato wedges. It is definitely going to get messy while eating but the staff is cautious and considerate enough to provide wet tissues with their burgers (extra points for that!) I highly recommend this burger and it is a must try.

While I gulped all of the above amazing food, I sipped on to a watermelon based mocktail called the Pomo Berry with freshly cut watermelon slice on the top and garnished with leaves. It was not only a delight to my eyes but also super refreshing in this hot-humid weather.

The meal ended on a sweet note with Blueberry Cheese Cake and Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream. The manager and other staff were very courteous throughout the evening and provided a quick and efficient service. It was kind of them to ask for the feedback later.

Cheers 🍻



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